Squashing the Globalist Pyramid

5000 Years ago it was Etched in Stone that on December 21st, 2012 will begin the new Era to end the Labor by Busy-bodies in Busy-ness and Harmonize the Beings of Timeless Freedom to Manifest Miracles in the Flow of the Universe

Believe in a Peaceful World with All people sharing the same Universally acceptable Common Sense Values

Local Frontiers

Local Frontiers

The Earth has no borders and need no soldiers to protect the Land.

Local Frontiers exist to subdivide and organize neighboring communities. The World only needs ONLY ONE Transnational Lobby to peacefully mediate the shared Universal Values.

The Lobby of the people in any country will grant permission for Ostracized Aggressors to move within secluded Lands where they Will and Knock themselves Out as they exercise their Free Will to Compete for Power.

No Tyrannical Rules

No Tyrannical Rulers

It is common sense that Peace is better than Wars.

It follows that Centralized Armed Forces Defending National borders are Obsolete.
Never again would the people be forced to kill each other and protect Land that belongs to Tyrannical Rulers.

Earth is a Devine Gift

Earth is a Divine Gift

To the Stewards of its Biodiversity. Communities with Freedom of Choice will make their own rules for everyone to Thrive. The right approach to Globalism is to have ONE Transnational Lobby operated by Ordinary People who Agree, without Coercion, to Support ONLY the Righteous Leaders holding Accountable Parasitical Bureaucrats and rewarding genuine Civil Servants.

Balance of Power Without Force

According to Universal Law, all people must have control of their own their lives

Some Developing Countries have Frontiers

As an example, Panama, Costarica and Nicaragua share carefully crafted frontiers that allow anyone to hire a “Coyote” that guides them thorough borders without government intervention. So Panamanians go to Costarica for fun, Costaricans come to Panama for business and Nicaraguans go to both countries and get the job done. Similar circumstances prevail in African and South-East Asian countries.

Developed Nations have Wealth

With wealth comes the necessity to protect Borders. Historically bloody Revolutions happen people take arms and resort to violence to overthrow the Ruling Classes that makes their survival unsustainable. The turn of events has made 2024 very different than any other Epoch since the Atlantis. In a short 12 year period, Open-Sourced Disruptive Innovations have Coalesced into an Unstoppable Power to drive the Industrious Meek towards unprecedented Success Cell phones, protests and courts replaced guns. The entire world can now witnesses a massive power shift that is occurring peacefully in most countries.

Freedom to enjoy Life is the Goal of Every Human Being

The Focus shifts from Scarcity to Prosperity and autonomous people in Developing countries collaborate and gain Access to AI provided by their partners in Developed Nations. Global P2P Partnerships [2] result in exponential Adoption rates of Risk-free Investments offering Ultra-high ROI in 100xROIStartups. Disruptive Innovation and Heart-felt Intentions offer strong Profitability incentives with Long Term WIN-WIN-WIN Benefits.

Residents of “Developed” Nations can now hang lose and escape from their own nation states before the imminent demise of their Dreams. It became clear that their governments have lost international support and are fighting with one another.

Fake currencies created an enormous debt burden that can never be repaid. Nobody can name the lenders. The scam has been exposed and events got out of control.

The wealthy in “Developed” nations foresee that they are targeted and will soon become poor.

Governments are left with ONLY ONE option to keep their grip on Power. They cooperate for a Controlled Demolition of the Global Economies. In the ensuing chaos, many people will Acquiesce and allow a Surveillance Oligarchy to assume total control of all their resources. The reset always happens unpredictably within less than a week.

Which side of the fence would you find yourself on the Day After?

Wealthy Individuals are in a Rush to Liquidate their Assets

Because Soon they will run out of time

Developing countries have more flexibility. They offer freedom for quick implementation of Disruptive Innovation Investments. Low operating costs and an eager work force make possible ultra high profitability.

There is a Massive wealth transfer from Developed Nations to Developing Countries

Blockchains have Reinstated Trust. Instantaneous Payment processing does not require intermediaries
Counter-Party risks fabricated by regulatory government overreach Doesn’t exist anymore.

How to Shift your Mindset and Become Prosperous

Is it possible to have a Mindset Change? Can we shift our Focus from False Gods and Fake Heroes to Righteous Leaders who Do no Harm?

In the earthly Marvels of Creation we can bypass conflict and delete Scarcity by helping others become Prosperous.

Consider the Viewpoints that meet your Goals and move forward decisively

Hybrid AI will help you find the Geo-locations and Business opportunities.

Low Budget Diversification gives a Competitive edge for Decentralized small businesses to take over from the imploding Big Tech Dinosaurs.

Mindset Change to Expose False Gods and Fake Leaders and focus on co-creating a Bright Future

Is it a waste of a Pie or a hero who was arrested for making a valid point about the World’s most Hated Philanthropist?

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How to Starve the Beast

French President Emmanuel Macron, 46, fires back for first time at claims wife, 70, was born a man

By Social Links for Dana Kennedy
Published March 9, 2024
Updated March 9, 2024, 2:20 p.m. ET

From Jean-Michel to Brigitte Trogneux, lies at the Elysée

Don’t focus on his embarrassing perversion more than his Prosecution for Crimes against Humanity

How to Help Build Africa and Prosper

The Crimes of Pierre Trudeau and his son Do Matter and the simpleton son will soon get a wake-up call about the fate of High Treason Offenders

How to Use Existing Laws and Punish the Real Offenders

Greedy Parasites that destroy lives will receive
what is Due to Them

Turn Lawyers into Mediators and Armies into Guardians
who are protecting the ordinary people

Be Flexible and Make WIN-WIN-WIN agreements in a world that Rolls with the Punches and Litigation is the enemy

Don’t hide your weaknesses to negotiate a better deal.  Don’t settle for less than your expectations to close the deal quickly.  Whether you sell or buy, be slow to make a decision and quick to take action thereafter. Then, everyone will run wholeheartedly will arrive much faster once clear milestones are set and met.  Determine which aspects are unclear and probe for answers that you verify.

Trust no-one because even the Pope makes mistakes

136,924 views since the release on Jan 13, 2019 136,924
The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston says it will release its list of priests accused of child sex abuse this month, joining all Texas dioceses and a growing number around the country as a way to grapple with the priest sex abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church for decades. 

But those impacted by the crisis fear the list will not reveal all the abuse. These are their stories.
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Neutralize the effects of the “Divide and Conquer” Propaganda that has ravaged Humanity for Millennia

From a bouquet of innovative Viewpoints Collaborators can select and compose a community the philosophy resonating with them. They respect the Free Will of minorities that cause no Harm on other minorities with opposing viewpoints.

Some Candidates may be welcomed in some communities and not in others. Some Communities may implement some of the following strategies that the other communities will reject.

Draw a Red Line with anyone with vibes that don’t sync with yours and you get a bad feeling in your gut.

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